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Leverage Trapper Bot

Why We Use Trade Bots

What's your Why?

No Overloading with ByBit

Up to 100x Leverage

Trade with BTC, EOS, ETH, XRP

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Sign up first and then use our Leverage Trapper Bot to maximize your gains! New ByBit members will receive up to $60 trading bonus.

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Auto Adjustment Settings

Different settings you can set and optimize. Just let it run and let the market decides

Wick Protection

How To Protect Stoploss From Candlestick Wicks in BTC Crypto Trading


33% ROE Day Trading at 43X Leverage Results

Watch this short clip of me talking about my profit results from using the Leverage Trapper Bot

Use Bybit Leverage Trapper Bot Day Trades for Consistent Profits

Trading with 100x Leverage using the Leverage Trapper Bot


Setting Up Your Stop Loss or Stop Profit Trail



Crypto Payment Available

Send 99.99 USD per month in equivalent BTC if you wish to continue, otherwise we'll suspend your license.

BTC Address: 19D6PM8cmhcQGAY6UDwuRFKWZt6dE7NhkR

Email us at [email protected] to get access if you will opt for crypto payment. If you wish to pay via credit card, click the button above.

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